“After doing a lovely job in my house upstairs, you can now come and floor the ground floor. Such is your service – i’m over the moon… and did I mention top savings on my new carpets?!”

Julie Shaw


Selecting the Right Carpet

Carpet is sumptuous, comfortable flooring that can be a great choice for your home. The real beauty of carpet lies in the fact that not only is it suitable for virtually any room in your home, but is available in a myriad of colours that is are only really limited by your imagination. Carpet reduces heat loss more effectively, absorbs sound more than any other type of flooring and provides you with a soft and warm surface to walk, sit or play on.

Which Room?

It is important to consider where the carpet will be laid and what the amount of traffic it will have to cope with. For example, bedroom carpet will not have as much footfall as a hallway or living room, so therefore you could go for a less hard wearing carpet. You could splash out on a luxurious more expensive carpet knowing that it will retain its attractiveness and thick pile for a long time. In areas of high traffic, you could opt for a more heavy domestic rated carpet to account for the extra usage. It is always worth investing in a rug or doormat in front of doorways to prevent damage and discolouration from dirty footwear and constant footfall.

Carpet Construction

Carpets come in all sorts of different weights, composition, construction styles, materials and backings. All of these will help determine the right carpet for your requirements. Carpets are generally constructed in two ways – twist piles and loop piles. There are other less common types such as woven carpets (typically used in Axminster and Wilton carpets).

Twist Pile and Saxony carpets:

Twist pile carpets are popular in the UK. They are made from twisted yarns which are cut to length. These create a springy, textured and durable finish. Saxony carpets are basically twist pile carpets but with much longer fibres that result it in a plusher and deeper pile finish.

Loop Pile and Berber Carpets

Loop pile carpets are made from looped yarns. Berber carpets also have a loop pile, but with flecks of colour and they tend to have more textured and irregular piles. With loop pile carpets you need to be wary if you have certain pets, as their claws can snag or pull on the loops.


Wool carpets are generally the most luxurious and are the perfect eco-friendly choice. They are made from natural sustainable materials and have integral strength. They are stain resistant and have a certain innate beauty about them.

Wool blend carpets most commonly come as 80% wool/20% synthetic fibres. They provide greater versatility and durability.

Nylon/Polyamide is ideal for high traffic areas. It is stain resistant, colour fast and easy to clean. It is also subject to less flattening than polyester or polypropylene.

Polyester is hard wearing and easy to clean and possesses a more lustrous sheen than many other synthetic fibres.

Polypropylene is durable, hard wearing and easy to clean. It is also colour fast and resistant to moisture and stains.

Pile Weight/Density

Pile weights/densities are normally measured using traditional imperial weights. These are given in ounces per square yard of carpet. Most weights nowadays are between 40oz and 70oz. The heavier the weight/density, the greater the luxury of the carpet pile. You will find that stair and lounge carpets are generally about 50oz, whilst 60oz to 70oz carpets are commonly a more luxurious carpet. The weight is not displayed on all carpets and sometimes you can’t beat actually feeling the carpet to decide what best fits your needs.


We highly recommend getting underlay when fitting your new carpet. It significantly improves the durability and life of your carpet.

Better look and feel – Underlay cushions your carpet and it will help prevent the pile from flattening. Hence your carpet looks like new for longer.
Insulation and protection – Underlay not only reduces noise but it also keeps in heat. Not only does it act as a great shock absorber, but it helps carpets to sit properly and become more durable.

Easier cleaning – Underlay protects a carpet’s pile and makes it more hygienic and easier to clean. It will also aid your vacuum in working more effectively.

Our great range of underlay goes from 1 star through to 5 stars, depending on the required thickness and density. We are more than happy to advise you on the underlay that best suits your requirements.