An informal guide to buying carpets.

Buying carpet can be quite daunting, you are bombarded with a plethora of options all with different mixes and materials. The idea of this blog post, is to hopefully help you identify which carpet would be best suited for your house.

Polypropylene Carpets:

What we typically tell prospective customers, is the advantages and disadvantages of the selected carpets. We will start off with polypropylene, the advantages are in abundance with very few negatives. The biggest advantage is the fact that they are smell free, making them ideal for pets that stay in the house. They are also highly stain resistant, if you have a young family you may want to consider spill factor with the carpet you are purchasing. Poly carpets are also great value for money, for saying they tend to look better than nylon made carpets. Another big positive is there electrical conductivity, the fibers carry a very low charge this will alleviate any risks of static electricity shocks. The last point I will make about Poly carpets being positive, is for the fact that they are dyed with solutions. This makes the lifespan of the colour a lot longer than most carpets, with the right maintenance you could have a Polypropylene carpet for a long time period!

Moving onto the disadvantages, the material due to general cost has a low resilience if heavy use is applied. Meaning they would not be suited for areas that receive a lot of traffic such as a hallway or an office for example. The carpets also have a low melting point, the heat resistance is quite poor. If you were to move furniture, you may damage the fibers due to the friction caused. The final negative is that some of the Polypropylene carpets get treated with chemicals, depending on which brand you buy they may not have a protective layer. The chemicals will potentially make you dizzy if the room is not ventilated properly, if you do purchase a more lucrative polypropylene carpet however this will include a protective layer.

100% Wool 

Wool is a great natural fibre, it offers a high level of resilience to wear and general soiling. Buying a more expensive wool carpet, will in effect pay for itself due to how long they last. Some companies, are even prepared to put a 10 year warranty on the wool carpets that they produce. The level of resilience on wool carpets is much higher, when furniture moves over the shape of the carpet regains very fast.

Wool Mix

Wool mix is a blend of 80/20, the 20 being synthetic man made fibres. A wool mix is the best of both worlds, in the sense it provides the luxury with the functionality and value of man made fibres. The carpets are more durable than 100% wool mixes, it is a very practical choice for homes mainly due to the ease of cleaning. Resistant to stains, all you need is a household vacuum cleaner which